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  • Location Angers
  • Translation languages English to French
  • Number of translations completed 9
  • Background Qualification: Master’s Degree in translation (grade B pass), 2009. Experience: Since May 2017: Translator at TBO. Main fields: tourism, technical (electricity), human resources, and more; nearly 100,000 words. Since May 2017: Subtitle translation and reviewing at I-Yuno (approx. 50 hrs. of videos, mainly TV Shows). October 2017; May 2018: Translator for WordZilla; 10,000 words about water pipeline treatment. Since 2013: Translator and reviewer for a translation company based in Panama and specialized in network marketing; health and beauty products Since 2011: Top-rated translator for an important translation platform with expert, reviewer and language editor status, more than 4 500 projects translated. September 2011-February 2012: Translation of articles and interviews about Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Keith Richards, etc. for a Swiss publisher (20,000 words). June 2010-July 2012: Literary translator for a publisher in Paris; 11 books translated on various topics (see “Translations” below; see also https://www.decitre.fr/auteur/1535938/Guillaume+Goubier). April-October 2009: Working experience at the CNDH (French national centre for humanitarian demining): translation of International Mine Action Standards (IMAS, see www.mineactionstandards.org), technical notes as well as workshop agreements from the European Committee for Standardization (44,500 words). Since 2009: Translations for one-time and loyal customers, pertaining to various fields. Translations: June-July 2012: Translation of Katniss the Cattail, An Unauthorized Guide to Names and Symbols in Hunger Games (150 pages) February 2012: Translation of The Real Men In Black, by Nick Redfern (290 pages) January 2012: Translation of Psi Spies, by Jim Marrs, about US psychic warfare program (210 pages) November 2011-January 2012: Translation of Mafia State, about reporter Luke Harding’s experience in Russia under Putin (450 pages) July-September 2011: Translation of Warrior Elite by Nigel Cawthorne (250 pages) May-July 2011: Translation of An A to Z of Atlantis, by Simon Cox (240 pages) March-May 2011: Translation of An A to Z of Ancient Egypt, by Simon Cox (240 pages) January-March 2011: Translation of a documentary about the life of a psychic detective, A Mind for Murder, by Noreen Renier (280 pages) December 2010-January 2011: Translation of a documentary about female drug smugglers in an Italian prison, Strange Trade, by Asale Angel-Ajani (anthropologist) (300 pages) August-September 2010: Translation of a documentary about the surgical world, Operating Room Confidential, by Paul Whang (200 pages) June-August 2010: Translation of a documentary about Iraq’s mercenaries, Big Boy Rules by Steve Fainaru, Pulitzer Prize winner (340 pages)
  • Location Angers
  • Translation languages German to French
  • Number of translations completed 0
  • Background After completing studies in law and English both in France and in the UK, I have worked as a translator/assistant in several embassies for more than three years in Norway. I translated a wide range of documents from English, French, Norwegian and German to French, English and Norwegian: forms, court decisions, newspapers articles, reports, as well as diplomas, other official and administrative documents, and various types communications. I currently translate mostly from English, German and Norwegian to French. ________________________________________________ Après des études d’anglais et de droit en France et en Grande-Bretagne j'ai travaillé pendant plus de trois ans comme traducteur/assistant auprès de plusieurs ambassades en Norvège. Je traduisais des documents de l’anglais, du français, du norvégien et de l’allemand vers le français, l’anglais et le norvégien: formulaires, décisions de justice, articles de journaux, rapports, diplômes, autres documents officiels et administratifs, communications diverses. Je traduis désormais principalement de l’anglais, de l’allemand et du norvégien vers le français.
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