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  • Location Dzhulyunitsa
  • Translation languages English to Dutch
  • Number of translations completed
  • Background Would you like to spend more time doing what you like to do? Do you want to be working on your core business again? Would you like to have more time for your family and friends again? Maybe you don't have enough time for everything, because you can't afford a fulltime assistent, or you have to do all sorts of side jobs, like administration yourself. Then leave the administration to someone who loves doing it! That's where I can come in to help you, only when you need me. Having more than 30 years experience working and volunteering in administrative jobs, I can help with Data Entry, Web Search, Mailing, Translating etc. I am native Dutch, and have lived for many years in Belgium. I speak Dutch, Flemish, English and some French. I have also studied Arabic for 3 years and am now studying Bulgarian. I love to study Languages because I think its great to be able to communicate with others in their own language. As a Translator I translate from English into Dutch or Flemish. Although Dutch and Flemish seem to be the same language, there are many important differences. For example, "a mobile phone in Dutch is 'een mobieltje' but in Flemish it's called a 'GSM' ". There is an expression that means something like 'most certainly', in Dutch they say 'vast en zeker', where the Flemish say 'zeker en vast'. Potatoes in Dutch are 'aardappelen', and in Flemish 'patatten'. Thus, there are many reasons why you should adapt your texts for Belgium to Flemish rather than Dutch - and I can help you with that! My fields of experience are General, Automotive, Animal Husbandry, Advertising and Cryptocurrency. And because of my study in Family Science, I also have a wide knowledge in Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Ecology etc. Please feel free to contact me to see if we can find a way to collaborate. I look forward to hearing from you soon, to discuss the details of your project. Kind regards,
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