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  • Location Tenerife
  • Translation languages English to Italian
    Spanish to Italian
    French to Italian
  • Number of translations completed
  • Background STUDIES 1987 Accounting high school degree (including French and English subjects) with a computer programmers specialization*; 1995 Master's in Economics and Commerce (including French and English subjects); thesis about tourism. Finance, marketing, business planning, law, were all subjects studied in depth. *The three years computer programming course included: hardware knowledge, machine language, ASCII codes, many program creation exercises through algorithms and translation in BASIC and PASCAL languages. Private language courses and classes for English, French and Spanish. WORK 1995-1998 Accountant, costs analyst and support for foreign sales in a export food company. Due to my knowledge of English, French and Spanish I was often used as an interpreter for clients, and for translation of incoming and outgoing commercial documents and e-mails. 1998-2008 Accountant and compiler of tax returns in an accounting firm. Some of our clients were foreigners and they used to be assigned to me. I also helped with translating legal documents (contracts, laws and regulations) for our clients. 2008-2011 Living in the UK at Findhorn (Scotland), an international renown ecovillage and spiritual community. Besides manual work as a volunteer I used to work giving tours around the community to visitors from all over the world and entertain them, speaking in all languages. I also served as a bridge for people living in Italy interested in going to visit the community or to keep in touch afterwards: I was translating the community´s newsletters for them, with the courses offered and inspirational material about personal development, communication skills, ecological solutions, health and food and so on. 2011 - up to now, living in Tenerife, Spain. I have been teaching English and Italian to children and adults. 2012-2015 I worked for a Yacht Club Association as a public relations officer. That included writing presentations, website contents, pamphlets, events, advertising also abroad. During 2014-2015 I translated about 10 astrological readings from French and English to Italian, for clients of a professional astrologer. Since 2016 I have been translating for translation agencies, mainly marketing and website contents. I am currently the lead translator for Spanish luxury hotel chain Melià's websites, from English to Italian. FURTHER INFORMATION I have spent my holidays many times in France and I had a French boyfriend for many years in Italy. I subtitled a French nature documentary in Italian. I spent some holidays' months in the United States too, staying at American friends'. Languages have always been a passion for me, motivating me to learn and perfect them as a way of communication with the whole world. That includes my own native language, Italian, which I master very well, as I also wanted to be a writer and I have made several experiments with writing books (essays and novels) and I have written several articles. In all these years I have been watching many films and TV channels, and YouTube videos in all languages, including American English. I have been reading books and websites in English, Spanish and French, and translated several excerpts to make them available to Italian people when the subject was important for me to be shared (mainly subjects about psychology, pedagogy, health, spirituality and religion, science fiction, romance). This has been all free translation work. You can find an example of my translations and articles at this science fiction blog of mine: http://blog.libero.it/AnnaBrancaleon/ I have also been intensely communicating through the internet with friends all around the world by e-mails and I have also been providing information and my views by commenting on websites, socials and blogs, in all languages. Because I want a message to go through as clear as possible, it has always been important for me to provide an excellent translation, even when I am not paid for it. For this reason, It is hard for me to reduce the quality of my translations in order to cope with a low rate offer. Thus I prefer to keep my rates at a level that always secures the best translation by me. Because my knowledge is wide and my mind is smart, I can offer a wide range of excellent translations, even if I translate for the first time in a certain field. I encourage you then to propose your translations to me also about any subject which is not mentioned in this curriculum and I will tell you if it is something that I can work on.
  • Location Tenerife
  • Translation languages Spanish to Italian
  • Number of translations completed
  • Background I have been studying languages for years. In high school I have been studying French, English and Spanish. At univedrsity I also added a new language : Portuguese. My personal page where you can see some of my works is: fb.me/tradtranslate
  • Location Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Translation languages Spanish to English
  • Number of translations completed
  • Background I have over 4 years' experience in linguistic services and translation of academic texts, substantial international exposure, native fluency in Spanish and English and a broad academic and practical background. Having taught at various academic levels and in different language environments, I am naturally interested in helping readers understand issues, solve problems, or make decisions. Helping others understand texts, ideas and information is also why translation has always been my passion.
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