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  • Location Zonhoven
  • Translation languages English to Dutch
    French to Dutch
  • Number of translations completed 61
  • Background As we are a Belgian based couple (husband and wife) of freelance editors/translators (Dutch native language) we can offer you a big amount of flexibility in terms of dealing instantly with your editing/translations/proofreading. We know the time frame is essential, both for you and for us, and we pride ourselves on always meeting our end of the bargain, assuring the highest quality of editing/translating/proofreading. Apart from Dutch and English translations we can also deal with French/Dutch and French/English translations. In terms of CAT-tools, we use memoQ 2015 Translator Pro. We have both a paypal and moneybookers/Skrill account available. We can guarantee immediate availability and are available 7 days a week, with a high rate of flexibility. On a daily basis we can deal with 4000 to 4500 words. In terms of most important references we can name the Freedman Agency as well as Bare International, Helion Research, Somya Translations, Erudite Solutions, HQ Translate, The Shabd, Verba Publica, Translated, Acute Translations, Sri Sai Translations, Akhil Institute, Linguaworld, Translation AZ, Translate Plus, Translation International, Summit works, Tek Translations, Verbatim Solutions, Openvalley, Cuttingedge Translation Services, Stealth Translations, Grandmore, Vokian, Dakota Translations, Protranslating, Premium Quality translations, Transexpertise, Valuepoint Knowledgeworks, TridIndia Translations, SriSai Translations, Eiffel Translations, Passlingua Translations, Smart Renditions, Wagner translations, OBDFY, ATA Translations, Global Logos, Gabriel Brunner Translations, MEJPBS, Language Swappers, Euro Translation Company, Lexicon, Travod, Translation India and Suez-Gaz de France. In the past we have been dealing with arranging the Dutch translation for the new Dutch related website of American Airlines. The results of this can be looked at through following link: http://www.americanairlines.be/content/be/index_nl.jhtml Other websites we recently dealt with and which we are still updating on a daily basis are the websites of the fashion brand 'River Island' and ‘Next Direct’. The results of these can be looked at through following links: http://www.riverisland.nl/ http://nl.nextdirect.com/nl/ We also regularly deal with technical translations, including IT-translations, legal, oil & gas topics, taxation and medical translations, more specifically for Tek Translations, Erudite Solutions, Valuepoint Knowledgeworks, Montesino translations, Translated, Lexicon translations, Global Logos, Gabriel Brunner Translations, Verbatim Solutions, and Summit works. Accounting and finance projects have been dealt with for Montesino translations, Lexicon translations, Tek translations, Valuepoint translations, Cutting edge translations, the Shabd and Alchemy translations. When we’re talking about fiction and non-fiction, such as press releases and newswires, we regularly work for Verbatim Solutions and Translation India. Through the Akhil Institute we have been so fortunate to translate scripts and movie scenarios, such as the script for the Avatar movie as well as quite a number of Bollywood movies.
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