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PROFILE * Advanced knowledge in organic chemistry, biology, biotechnology, and twenty years of translation experience (german-spanish) in patents by BASF, Ciba Geigy, AKZO, Cognis IP Management GmbH, between others. * Advanced knowledge in music, harmony, music history, music theory. EXPERIENCE * Patent translator for Clarke, Modet & Co. from 1993. * Violoncello and harmony, music theory teacher in NEBOLSIN, school of Music. 2001 - 2006. Violoncello and chamber music teacher in AULA DE MUSICAS and AMERICAN SCHOOL OF MADRID. EDUCATION * Organic chemistry. Universidad complutense de Madrid. * Violoncello, music theory, harmony. Conservatorio Arturo Soria, conservatorio Padre Antonio Soler, and music interpretation, Volkswangschule, Essen. INTERNSHIPS * Chemistry Department, AKZO fasern und polymere, Wuppertal, 1992. * Organic chemistry department, CSIC (consejo superior de investigaciones científicas) Madrid, 1993-1994. COMPUTER SKILLS Proficient in Microsoft Windows 2000, Word and Excel. TRADOS.


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