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Joined: 30/06/2015

I am a qualified translator with over 18 years’ experience in different fields including Tourism & Travel, Education & Learning Technologies, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Business & Commerce, Social Services and Welfare, and Art & Literature. I have studied and worked in the UK for several years. During that time, I co-edited a staff development guide on the use of technologies in education, and published a review on the use of computers in education. I later moved to the UAE (Dubai), where I combined translation commissions with my work at the Spanish Embassy Commercial Office. After spending part of my professional life outside Spain, I returned in 2009 and completed an MA in Translation for the Publishing World (at the University of Malaga, 2012), with excellent results, and completed an online medical translation specialization course (150 hours, Trágora Formación, 2013), as well as a couple of seminars in ProZ about the translation of clinical protocols (2015). I am now based in Spain (Madrid), mainly translating academic papers on education and psychology for Routledge/ Taylor&Francis through the Spanish Foundation "Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje", as well as other technical and commercial texts for translation agencies. I also collaborate with Hewlett Packard in Barcelona transcribing training sessions, meetings and telephone conferences (in English) on an occasional basis. I own TRADOS Studio 2014 license, and my average daily output is around 3,000 words/day. For transcriptions, I charge between 2 and 3 Euros per minute of audio (same language transcription), depending on the quality of the audio, accent, content, etc.


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